To Bigotry No Sanction

To Bigotry No Sanction

Abby Zimet

Yesterday's rally opposing the Islamic community center - not mosque - blocks from Ground Zero - not at Ground
Zero, and next to the strip clubs and McDonalds already there - was
insane, ugly and illuminating. Watch the video of the crowd almost
attacking a guy because he looks sorta Muslim-ish – ie: black with a skullcap – and you see this is,
or has become, purely about hatred. Glenn Greenwald nails it. More here 

On opponents: "The position they've adopted
is inherently bigoted, as it seeks to impose guilt and blame on a large
demographic group for the aberrational acts of a small number of
individual members. And one thing is certain: If this campaign
succeeds, it will proliferate and the sentiments driving it will become
even more potent. Hatemongerers always become emboldened when they

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