Of Kryptonite and Uranium

Of Kryptonite and Uranium

Abby Zimet

As scabs who may not be qualified take on their potentially lethal
work, locked out union workers remain on the picket line in Metropolis,
Ill. - Superman's hometown, and the site of the country's only uranium
conversion plant. The main issue in the contract dispute
is health benefits and pensions at the Honeywell plant, which has a
long history of safety violations: Workers have erected 42 crosses in
memory of colleagues who died of cancer, and 27 smaller crosses for
its survivors. At what cost employment? More here.

"We deal with hydrofluoric acid," says USW Local 7-669 President Darrel
Lillie. "This is bad stuff. The least we feel like we could have is good medical benefits when we retire."

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