Pushing the Boundaries, Like They Should Be

Pushing the Boundaries, Like They Should Be

Abby Zimet

zarganar [stand in solidarity]

Amnesty International is staging a host of events and protests at the
Edinburgh Festival, the word's largest arts festival, as part of their
campaign to free imprisoned Burmese comedian Zarganar, who is serving a
35-year jail sentence for
criticizing his government. The campaign includes a Stand Up for Freedom
comedy night, a photo petition, and a soccer game in which comics and
critics, all wearing "Zarganar" on the backs of their shirts, battled it out in less than stellar fashion while badmouthing
each other. Video of the match is here. More background here and here, and Amnesty's petition here.

"Freedom of expression is the
most important thing in the world to comedians." – comic Mark Watson


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