The Bestest of Parties and Mayors (If They Exist)

The Bestest of Parties and Mayors (If They Exist)

Abby Zimet

We want to move to Reykjavík, Iceland, which has the coolest mayor
ever. Jon Gnarr, an actor, comedian and philosopher
elected as head of his own Best Party, offers a singular
"Welcome to Reykjavik" in which he ponders
existence, Schrödinger's cat's name, elves, the EU and other mysteries.
His campaign video - "We want a city that's cuddly and
clean and cool" - is also the bestest. In his platform: free towels in
swimming pools, an end to mediocrity and a drug-free Parliament by 2020.

"The odds of you being in Reykjavík are not great. The greatest part
of mankind is elsewhere...Does this mean that I always existed, or that I never existed and do
therefore not exist now? That can't be! If I do
not exist, then neither do you...I hope these thoughts shed some light on the history of Reykjavík and
its culture."


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