Afghan Women: Suffering Now More Than Ever

Afghan Women: Suffering Now More Than Ever

Abby Zimet


With the Time cover of a mutilated Afghan woman on nationwide
newstands and a military media blitz underway to reenforce its simplistic message -
terrible things will happen if the U.S. leaves - Ralph Lopez, the head
of Jobs for Afghans  is battling to correct a "comic-book version of Afghanistan." Terrible things, he stresses, are already happening, with the complicity of U.S. forces. He suggests that jobs, not guns, will help a long-suffering people, especially its women. His site has video, articles, links to take action.

On the Time cover: "The reality is even more disturbing: The repressive and
misogynistic forces the picture depicts are the very ones now being
bolstered by U.S. policy... America's historical role in the region has had a disastrous effect on
Afghanistan's women." 

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