Train Wreck: Who Is Going to Come Out and Tell Us This Is Not OK?

Abby Zimet

Some of you may have Gulf and BP fatigue, especially with the
mainstream media telling us everything's fine now, thanks. But scores of
coastal communities remain contaminated by oil and Corexit 9500, many
people are sick and getting sicker, and there is no sign of life in the
area's vast waters. A long first-person account of the ongoing effects on animals and humans - and the cover-up of it - is here.
Much comes from the plain-speaking Robyn Hill, a beach supervisor who wanted to know "what
the hell was going on," even as she started vomiting and passing out
from it.

"It's like a train wreck because you tell one person and they
are yeah, ok and then you tell the next person and they are like yeah,
ok but nobody really cares at the end of the day they are like ok so you
all are getting sick down there. OK fine....And the workman's comp doctor says you realize we all live in Gulf
Shores and if we report you got sick from the fumes that we will create a
problem and that would not be a good situation to have. You can't just
say you got sick from the fumes. And I was like, I did, I am giving you
the knife that stabbed me." - Former Gulf Shores Beach Supervisor Robyn Hill

We know things are bad. We know it's worth the fight.

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