Chernobyl: The Gift That Never Stops Giving

Robert Alvarez

The threats to human health and the environment from Chernobyl
fallout, scientists are now finding, will persist for a very long

Abandoned city of Pripiat, near the Nuclear Power Plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine

It's been 24 years since the catastrophic explosion and fire occurred at
Chernobyl in the Ukraine. The accident required nearly a million
emergency responders and cleanup workers. According to a

recent report
published by the New York Academy of Medicine nearly
one million people around the world have died from Chernobyl fallout.

Now we are finding that threats to human health and the environment from
the radioactive fallout of this accident that blanketed Europe (and the
rest of the world to a lesser extent) will persist for a very long time.
There is an exclusionary zone near the reactor, roughly the size of Rhode
Island (1000 sq kilometers), which because of high levels of
contamination,people are not supposed to live there for centuries to
come. There are also"hot spots" through out Russia, Poland
Greece, Germany, Italy, UK, France, and Scandinavia where contaminated
live stock and other foodstuff continue to be removed from human

My friends tell me that a growing number of Ukrainians are immigrating to
Youngstown, OH ( where I grew up),Cleveland, Chicago, and other
Ukrainian-American enclaves because of Chernobyl contamination

Here are a few recent examples:

True to form, governments with major nuclear programs or ambitions are
silent and are encouraging the view that it's time we forget about

Robert Alvarez is a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies
and served as Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy from

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