All Further Articles for 2010-08-13

Friday, August 13, 2010
Khadr Trial: "Opinions" In the Eyes of the Beholder
Prosecutors in the Omar Khadr trial removed the only juror who thinks Guantanamo should be closed, arguing he had "preconceived" views. The seven jurors remaining either think it should stay open, have served in Afghanistan or Iraq, or have lost friends there; none believe the US uses torture. Also, the trial was suspended for 30 days after Khadr's attorney collapsed in court. More on the jury here .
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The Rich Get Richer...
Wall Street bonuses are set to rise this year up to 15 percent, despite their abuses, the declared intent of the White House to rein them in, the state of the economy, the suffering abroad in the land and, well, almost everything. Infuriating.
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Chernobyl: The Gift That Never Stops Giving
It's been 24 years since the catastrophic explosion and fire occurred at Chernobyl. According to a recent report published by the New York Academy of Medicine nearly one million people around the world have died from Chernobyl fallout. Now we are finding that threats to human health and the environment from the radioactive fallout of this accident that blanketed Europe (and the rest of the world to a lesser extent) will persist for a very long time.
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A Slapping Eye-Stab
Colbert outdoes himself on why America needs to tear down all mosques, barns and shacks.
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Train Wreck: Who Is Going to Come Out and Tell Us This Is Not OK?
Some of you may have Gulf fatigue, especially with the media saying everything's fine now, thanks. But coastal communities remain contaminated by oil and Corexit 9500, people are sick and getting sicker, and there is no sign of life in the vast waters. A first-person account of the effects on animals and humans - and its cover-up - is here . Much comes from Robyn Hill, a beach supervisor who wanted to know "what the hell was going on," even as she started vomiting and passing out from it. "You tell one person and they are yeah, ok and then you tell the next person and they are like yeah, ok but nobody really cares at the end of the day they are like ok so you all are getting sick down there...."
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