All Further Articles for 2010-08-11

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Broken At Bagram, But Still Admissible
The judge at the Guantanamo trial of Canadian Omar Khadr, 15 and seriously wounded at the time of his capture, has ruled as admissible the confessions Khadr made under threat of being gang-raped to death. His lawyer Dennis Edney reported Khadr said of the hearing, "We're embarrassing ourselves by being here," which seems a remarkably dignified way of putting it.
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Geography Of A Recession
See unemployment bloom across the country in this animated, county by county map . Scary.
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Hi, I'm A Mormon and I'm Totally Normal Even Though I Believe In Spirit Children, Goddess Wives, the Planet Kolob and Endless Celestial Sex
With Mitt Romney considering a presidential run, the Mormon Church has begun an unofficial ad campaign to show Americans they're just like the rest of us. Then again, a cartoon video on "what Mormon theology is really all about" - racism, homophobia, magic underwear to ward off the evils of the world, and posthumous baptizing of Jewish Holocaust victims – makes us wonder.
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