You Wretched, Irrelevant, Drug-Addled Ingrates,You

You Wretched, Irrelevant, Drug-Addled Ingrates,You

Abby Zimet

A remarkable tantrum from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, in which he blasts
"the Professional Left" for criticizing Obama policies - a.k.a. being
such a bunch of stoned, unrealistic, un-American losers they want to get
real health care, eliminate the Pentagon and elect President Kucinich,
not to mention save jobs, curb Wall Street, end two pointless wars,
honor habeas corpus and do other "crazy" things. Glenn Greenwald, likewise fuming, responds.

"Perhaps one day the White House can work itself up to express this
sort of sputtering rage against the Right, or the Wall Street thieves
who destroyed the American economy, or the permanent factions that
control Washington." - Greenwald. 

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