All Further Articles for 2010-08-06

Friday, August 6, 2010
Iraqi Crud: Controlling the Discussion
As 241 veterans sue KBR - and Halliburton - for developing cancer and other illnesses from trash fires in Iraq and Afghanistan, a civilian doctor says the Army is trying to hide the issue from public view by taking over care of his military patients. "They can control the discussion by keeping it internal." – Dr. Miller, whose findings were removed from a Veterans Affairs training letter.
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Target and LL Bean Butcher Progressive Music Legacy
We all remember Nike using The Beatles' Revolution in a commercial, or Wrangler using Creedence Clearwater's Fortunate Son – making it look like a patriotic song, not the antiwar ballad it is. Now Target and L.L. Bean have co-opted 2 more progressive classics.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010
"The One Who Loves Another Has Fulfilled the Law" – St. Paul
Why Judge Walker's ruling striking down California's Proposition 8 is theologically, morally, socially, and legally correct. And a toast to love.
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