Did You Know Abortion Is the Leading Cause of Death Of African-Americans, Including Of Course the Pre-Born Among Them?

Abby Zimet


The Minnesota-based Human Life Alliance has launched a campaign
to "shatter the silence of (the) great tragedy" that is abortion among
black women (though they've apparently never thought to explore why
so many young black women get pregnant in the first place.) Their
pro-life literature, "dedicated to protecting human life from the moment
of conception until natural death," offers articles like "Our Heritage
is on the Verge of Extinction" and "We Shall Overcome. Abortion."

Still, some women on college campuses have had the chutzpah to question their accuracy. So has Stephen Colbert, who in his Truthiness On Abortion entry in Wikiality
- titled Abortion Makes the Baby Jesus Sad -  argues that men who
masturbate are committing abortion, thanks God that war never causes
abortions, shows how to send someone you hope will burn in hell an
e-card after her abortion, and offers helpful hints to identify
baby-killers - for example, people who decline to call themselves
"Conceived-Again Christians." The best part: his Abortion Poetry. 

Abortion Poetry


First they came for the stem cells, but I am a liberal, so I don't care.

Then they came for the fetuses, but I was saving the whales, so I didn't care.

And when they came for the soldiers, there weren't any because the liberals made them all gay.

Why do liberals hate America?

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