Five-Year-Old "Threats"

Five-Year-Old "Threats"

Abby Zimet

Having declared the children of migrant workers "a threat" to their Jewish identity, Israel has moved to deport
400 kids, mostly small children who were born in Israel, speak Hebrew
and have never seen their parents' native countries. Another 800 migrant
children may be allowed to stay. Announcing his decision, Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited "Zionist" concerns on one hand and
"humanitarian" on the other. As a pained Jew, I have to ask: Since when
did those two contradict each other?

"We're talking about children here," said Rotem Ilan, chair of
Israeli Children, an advocacy group for migrant workers' families. "We
brought these people here to plow our fields, build our houses and take
care of our grandparents. And with people, come families....It's the deportation of children that threatens
Israel's Jewish character. The obligation to act with kindness and
compassion to foreigners is the most frequently repeated commandment in
the Torah."

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