Is There Anything Lower....

Is There Anything Lower....

Abby Zimet

.....than insurance companies ripping off the families of soldiers killed in our illegal wars? Nope. An investigation by Bloomberg News finds that Prudential and other insurers reap big profits
off death benefits for soldiers by putting the money in an uninsured,
so-called "retained-asset account," complete with "checkbook," that only
makes them money. For six months after her son Ryan was killed by an
IED in Afghanistan, Cindy Lohman saw the account as "a consolation prize
I didn't
want." When she finally tried to buy a bed with one of its "checks," it
was rejected.Talk about blood money.

"You can hold the money in the account for safekeeping for
as long as you like." - accomodating letter from Prudential.

Lohman’s son, Sgt. Ryan Baumann, 24, was killed by an IED in Afghanistan.  

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