The War Logs: Old News to Afghans, Vital News to Us

The War Logs: Old News to Afghans, Vital News to Us

Abby Zimet

The extraordinary Wikileaks exposure of the grim reality of the
Afghanistan War, it should be noted, has been met with little surprise
among Afghans
who have been living it. It's only we too-guileless Americans who
continue to be shocked by what our military and government are capable
of. Hopefully, as with the Pentagon Papers, the Afghan Logs will open
eyes, and precipitate change. Daniel Ellsberg's painful realization rings true: "We weren't on the wrong side, we were the wrong side."

"These are the raw accounts, soaked in the blood and sweat
of combat, before they have been prettied up by the triage teams in the
Washington and allied PR clinics. We knew there were civilian
casualties, but not this many; we had heard of the secret CIA ground
missions to assassinate Taliban leaders, now it is confirmed; we have
had guarded reports on the use of unmanned drone aircraft in attacks on
al-Qaeda and the Taliban, now the picture is fleshed out."

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