Toxic Dumping Gets (A Bit More) Pricey

Toxic Dumping Gets (A Bit More) Pricey

Abby Zimet

A modicum of justice today as a Dutch court fined the Swiss-based Trafigura oil trader $1.3 million for illegally dumping
hazardous waste in Ivory Coast that sickened up to 100,000 people and
killed at least 17. The ship Probo Koala unsuccessfully tried to dump
its toxic load in Amsterdam first; imagine how much higher the tab would
have been if they'd injured white people? This marks the first time
Trafigura was convicted of criminal charges in the obscene and too-common practice
of dumping toxic waste in the Third World. More from the Guardian on the
new online media world that helped them break the story.

"This is the beginning of justice," said Greenpeace spokeswoman Marietta Harjono.

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