Illegal Big Mexican Women, AWOL Afghans, Strippers in Jello, Oh My!

Abby Zimet

FOX News Exclusive! Those 17 Afghan troops who've gone AWOL from a language school at an Air Force base in Texas?! It turns out they deserted with the help of a "loose network" of "BMWs"
- Big Mexican Women - who teach them how to live here on the run, just
like they do! Sometimes the "groupies," after meeting them in
jello-filled nightclubs, even help them go to Canada! And somehow now
there's 46 of them! No doubt heading your way! FOX has yet to
discover how the women got overweight; their investigation is ongoing.

"These guys, they want a better life, but they're scared....These BMWs say, 'It's OK.' Then poof, they're gone."

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