Abby Zimet

Blogger Gina DiNicolo, who does P.R. for the Marine Corps, committed
the unforgiveable sin of telling the truth about one of its big
wingdigs, for which, of course, she was summarily fired. In Hawaii attending RIMPAC, the
U.S.-Navy-hosted, largest multinational maritime exercise in the world
at which 20,000 participants spend weeks playing gunnery, missile,
anti-submarine, air defense and other games, DiNicolo blasted called the event an "anything but
exciting SNOOZEPAC" leading the Marines to dump her for "inability
to stay on task."

"SNOOZEPAC is 38 days of too many visitors gorging themselves on
foreign and U.S. naval delicacies. Air assets become personal taxis
transporting their fares from vessel to vessel. (Maybe that's how it got
its rep as the world's largest floating cocktail party...)" - from
DiNicolo's blog

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