Oil and Water and Fear, Plain and Simple

Oil and Water and Fear, Plain and Simple

Abby Zimet

Plans to build a Muslim mosque and
community center in a small Caifornia town, like a similar project near
Ground Zero in Manhattan, have run into fierce opposition
by conservatives who seem to
think that granting Muslims their Constitutional right to pray or gather
will inevitably lead to airplanes getting flown into tall buildings,
which is surely taking a few irrational leaps in logic. Talking
offers an overview of fear-fueled confrontations
brewing around the country.

"They say they're not radicals, but
how do we know? Right now we're at war with the Taliban and the Muslims
and our boys
are over there fighting and dying for our freedom. What would it be like
if they come home and found out we just let them in the front door?" -
Karen Fesini

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