All Further Articles for 2010-07-20

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions
One of the world's most innovative grassroots environmental groups, , is helping build a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis... Will you be there?
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"The Streets Will Run Red With Your Blood"
Since the NAACP had the audacity to ask Tea Partiers to renounce racists within their ranks, they've been getting more death threats than usual. They posted audio of one particularly chilling message on their blog. Again, the dilemma: Publicize it to condemn it, or ignore it and hope it goes away? Either way, scary stuff. "You want a race war? You got one." – uncalm call to NAACP
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Blogger Gina DiNicolo, who does P.R. for the Marine Corps, committed the unforgiveable sin of telling the truth about one of its big wingdigs, for which, of course, she was summarily fired . In Hawaii attending RIMPAC, the U.S.-Navy-hosted, largest multinational maritime exercise in the world where 20,000 participants spend weeks playing gunnery, missile, air defense and amphibious games, DiNicolo blasted the event as "the world's largest floating cocktail party," leading the Marines to dump her for "inability to stay on task." "SNOOZEPAC is 38 days of too many visitors gorging themselves on foreign and U.S. naval delicacies."
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Oil and Water and Fear, Plain and Simple
Plans to build a Muslim mosque and community center in a small Caifornia town, like a similar project near Ground Zero, have run into fierce opposition by conservatives who argue that granting Muslims their Constitutional right to pray or gather will lead to airplanes flown into tall buildings, which is surely taking a few irrational leaps in logic. Talking Points offers an overview of fear-fueled confrontations brewing around the country. "They say they're not radicals, but how do we know? Right now we're at war with the Taliban and the Muslims and our boys are over there fighting and dying for our freedom. What would it be like if they come home and found out we just let them in the front door?" - Karen Fesini
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Grayson to GOP: Why Don't the Jobless Just Sell Their Yachts to Feed Their Kids?
The ever-eloqent Alan Grayson has called to task an unconscionable GOP still blocking unemployment benefits for millions of people by insisting they must be paid for now - while declining to set the same standard for extending tax cuts to the rich. Charging Republicans are clueless about the harships regular folks face, Grayson recalled his grandfather, with a family of 7 in the Great Depression, visiting the dump to find something to sell. Video in More. Democrats try again today to pass the bill. "That, my friends, is the America that the Republicans are trying to revive. The America of desperate straits, and for them cheap labor. The America where people have nothing, hope for nothing, and are desperate to live to the next day."
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