All Further Articles for 2010-07-16

Friday, July 16, 2010
Trinity: "A Foul and Awesome Display"
At 5:30 a.m. on this day 65 years ago the world's first atomic bomb exploded over a portion of the New Mexico desert known as the Jornada del Muerto - Journey of the Dead Man. A witness described the fireball as "the brightest light I have ever seen - it blasted, it pounced, it bored its way right through you. It was a vision which was seen with more than the eye. It was seen to last forever." "I am become Death, the shatterer of worlds." - lead physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, quoting from The Bhagavad Gita , a sacred Hindu text. "Now we are all sons of bitches." - Trinity test director Kenneth Bainbridge.
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The Message: Talk Loudly, and Carry A Big Gun Too
Fearless, racist, wingnut Sheriff Joe Arpaio has headed out into the Arizona desert for a "crime suppression/ saturation operation" - aka: looking for poor Mexicans desperate to find work in this country - backed by 100 deputies in 20 vehicles, a massive SWAT rig and a .50 caliber machine gun. To date, he and his brave warriors had netted, depending on which news report to believe, 2 traffic violators, or one car with seven people trying to cross the border, so thank goodness for the Big Guns. "I am trying to send a message to Mexico. We will not let anyone hurt our deputies. We will fight back."
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"So Many People Hurting"
The U.S. Army reported a record number of suicides in a month despite a new suicide prevention program, even as veterans testified before Congress that more needs to be done. Thanks to multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, suicides for the first half of the year soared 12% over 2009, and veterans are more than twice as likely as others to take their own lives. The cruel part: It's usually once they come home. A new Army suicide prevention video is here. Linda Bean told the House Veterans' Affairs Committee she didn't see the signs before her son, Army Sgt. Coleman Bean, killed himself in 2008: "I was so grateful to have (him) home that I overlooked that he was drinking too much, was irritated, was isolated from his friends...That’s what the ads should talk about. ‘You’re home and you’re suicidal’ doesn’t resonate.”
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