All Further Articles for 2010-07-15

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Declaring War Against Heathens, and Why Not Throw In the Italians Too?
In a decision that actually made sense, the Supreme Court has ruled against a Christian student group that sued a California law school to demand the right to discriminate against gays. The ruling, which said religious bigotry is just as evil as any other kind, infuriated Mike Adams, a North Carolina professor who has declared "war against the godless" and plans to sic all the "atheist-haters" he can find on them, surely a noble cause for an educator in charge of opening young minds to the intellectual possibilities of life. "I plan to use my young fundamentalist Christian warriors to undermine the mission of every group that disagrees with me on the existence of God...I do not seek robust debate. I seek power over the godless heathen dissident."
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Happy Devils
Argentina has become the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage following a long close Senate vote. The move in the traditionally macho region was deemed "historic" by leaders of the center-left government and "the devil's project" by the Catholic Church. Lots of protests, including appearances by the Virgin Mary. Still, don't these guys look happy?
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