Monkey See, Monkey Shoot the American Infidel

Monkey See, Monkey Shoot the American Infidel

Abby Zimet

China's People's Daily reports that the Taliban are training monkeys to attack U.S. forces in
Afghanistan, saying the Taliban "believe that
the emergence of 'monkey soldiers' indicates that they have found
smarter and more effective ways to cope with American troops." The report cites ironies here: "monkey terrorists" are a response to the world's most sophisticated technology, and given that the U.S. and CIA first trained monkeys in Vietnam, the Taliban is "giving them some of their own medicine" – in bananas, that is. We're speechless. Here's a great video.

"When armed animals enter interpersonal
wars, what kind of world will we face? This cannot but arouse our
reflections and concerns.
" – from The People's Daily





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