Gitmo Ruling: Beyond the Law, Still

Gitmo Ruling: Beyond the Law, Still

Abby Zimet

A federal judge has ordered the release of
another Yemeni captive at Guantanamo, the 37th time a detainee has won
in court against the U.S. government - which has now lost 75% of its
cases. The news of the release of Hussein Almerfedi is part of
McClatchy's terrific "Guantanamo: Beyond the Law" series, featuring
detainee interviews, photos, graphics and stories with headlines like
"We Got the Wrong Guys," "I Guess You Can Call It Torture," and "Due
Process is Legal Mumbo-Jumbo."

Judge Paul Friedman's ruling instructs the Obama administration to
"take all necessary and
appropriate steps to facilitate the release of petitioner forthwith.''

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