Rocking the Casbah But Welding Shut the Doors

Rocking the Casbah But Welding Shut the Doors

Abby Zimet

A surreal little video of fully-armed Israeli soldiers on patrol in
Hebron suddenly breaking into dance - complete with skipping hand in
hand - to pop singer Kesha's "Tik Tok" has gone viral in recent days.
The soldiers are in Hebron, the only West Bank city where a small number
of Jewish settlers live in the
midst of 160,000 Palestinians. What the video doesn't explain: Shuhada
Street, Hebron's main thoroughfare, is so empty because only the
settlers, who make up 1% of the population, are allowed to walk there. Mondoweiss
offers another video: The painstaking roofs, stairs, ladders
and alleys an elderly Palestinian woman must navigate to get to the
street that once was hers.


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