Warsaw and Gaza: Oppression Is Oppression

Warsaw and Gaza: Oppression Is Oppression

Abby Zimet

In an act of powerful symbolism, a group of Israeli, Palestinian and
Polish activists spray-painted "Free Gaza and Palestine" and "Liberate all
ghettos" on the last remnant of an infamous one - the Warsaw Ghetto.
Among them was Yonatan Shapira, a former IDF pilot, conscientious
objector and descendant of Polish Holocaust victims who insisted, "The
message is that people are imprisoned in a ghetto." More photos at the Polish link here.

"It may be difficult for Israelis to hear these things, but that is
no reason not to say them. I was always taught growing up that the
atrocities that happened to the Jewish people here happened because the
world was silent. And therefore I cannot be silent. The Jewish people
needed to be liberated from the ghettos, and now Israelis need to be
liberated from the crimes of their own government." – Yonatan Shapira

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