A "Substantive Guarantee" of Carnage, Unending

A "Substantive Guarantee" of Carnage, Unending

Abby Zimet

Happily for the NRA and unhappily for the rest of us, the Supreme Court has struck down Chicago's firearm ban in a ruling that could jeopardize state and city efforts to limit the carnage visited on their citizens by the estimated 200 million guns owned by 90 million Americans. That's the world's highest civilian gun ownership rate, resulting in an average of 80 gun deaths a day, or 60,000 deaths and injuries a year. The ruling came after a weekend when dozens of Chicagoans were shot with handguns. One more time: It's past due to change the makeup of this court. 

"Supreme Court sides with
squirrel hunters and drug gangs against cops and innocent bystanders." – Twitter by Chicago resident Roger Ebert

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