Hello, I'm A Mac and I've Got a Dirty Secret

Hello, I'm A Mac and I've Got a Dirty Secret

Abby Zimet

way cool, seemingly innocuous gadgets you rely on in your cushy

life - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, BlackBerry, digital cameras, pcs of many
stripes - are fueling the deadly war in the Congo, reports the Enough
. They all use gold and the three T's - tin, tantalum,
tungsten - from mines controlled by the same armed groups perpetrating
the Congo's horrific ongoing violence, especially against women and
girls. Notes the Project, "There are few conflicts in the world where
the link between our
consumer appetites and mass human suffering is so direct." Nick Kristof
has more on the campaign to boycott so-called
"conflict minerals."

"Electronics manufacturers have tried to hush all this up. They
want you
to look at a gadget and think 'sleek,' not 'blood.'" - Kristof, in
"Death by Gadget."

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