Hello, God? Uh, Hello?

Hello, God? Uh, Hello?

Abby Zimet

So okay. The results were admittedly
disappointing after a GOP
Louisiana legislator, conceding that "thus far efforts made by mortals"
hadn't cleaned up the Gulf, called for "a day of unified, intercessory
prayer" to do it. Alas, the cap that came off yesterday sent 104,000
gallons of oil per hour gushing into the Gulf, and concerns are
rising about the health of spill workers and the rest of us.
So now Alabama is going to give the God thing another shot, declaring Sunday a
Day of Prayer. As my mother would say if she was still here, good luck
on your nose.

"Throughout our history,
Alabamians have humbly turned to
God to ask for His blessings and to hold us steady during times of
struggle. This is certainly one of those times." - Gov. Bob Riley. 

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