BP Has A Blog! or Looking at the Bright Side, Part 2

BP Has A Blog! or Looking at the Bright Side, Part 2

Abby Zimet

The Gulf oil volcano and frantic clean-up effort, it
turns out, isn't
a disaster. It's a chance at "wonderment" by seeing something
"beautifully human," a "powerful engine" that "generates drive and
energy," "a small, but very human wish, to count for something." WTF? So
says a "reporter" for the BP blog. "What makes a person work 12, 14,
often 16 hours a day on the oil spill?" he asks. Uh, to save our asses
from your unfathomable idiocy, maybe?

For the last several weeks I've asked myself: what is the
trigger that
generates such drive and energy?  It's not required
really, or expected, but it happens nonetheless!...I have an insight now
that is so beautifully human it reminds me of the
strong threads that make the fabric of people. Just under the surface
when things are going family (sic) well, but tested in times of great
when friends and colleagues, even complete strangers, rely on you to be
around to do what must be done. One person hoping to make
just a little difference in this incident
multiplied by over 20,000 individuals is a powerful engine."

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