God Is Everywhere, Even While Making Smores

God Is Everywhere, Even While Making Smores

Abby Zimet

No mowing lawns this summer for the fervent home-schooled kids of right-wing
Christians: The members of Generation Joshua
can go to camp
to "get an early start on (their) run for political office" by learning
how Congress works, hearing inspiring leaders like Michelle Bachman, and
even learning how to declare war! iGovern Summer Leadership Camp aims
to "assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian
leaders," with a few water balloons thrown in for good measure. More
on their belief that "the hand of God" is "the only foundation...in any
area of human endeavor." Wonder if that includes sailing.

"The political vision of Generation Joshua and iGovern rests on
historical narrative of America as a chosen nation, one not only founded
on Christian principles but desperately needing to return to those
roots today."

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