All Further Articles for 2010-06-18

Friday, June 18, 2010
God Is Everywhere, Even While Making Smores
No mowing lawns this summer for the fervent home-schooled kids of right-wing Christians: The members of Generation Joshua can go to camp to "get an early start on (their) run for political office" by learning how Congress works, hearing leaders like Michelle Bachman, and even learning how to declare war! iGovern Summer Leadership Camp aims to "assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders," with water balloons thrown in for good measure. More on "the hand of God" as "the only foundation in any area of human endeavor." Wonder if that includes sailing. "The political vision of Generation Joshua and iGovern rests on this historical narrative of America as a chosen nation, one not only founded on Christian principles but desperately needing to return to those roots today."
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21st Century Lynching
The former head of the now-defunct activist group ACORN lashed out at Republicans, Democrats, the Obama White House and progressives who failed to support them after a federal report cleared them of charges of misusing funds - too late to salvage the group's work. Bertha Lewis said the findings proved right-wing criticisms were simply an orchestrated attack on efforts to empower and register disenfranchised voters. "This was a McCarthy-era style war against the poor and minorities, nothing more. This proves the right will resort to anything to maintain power to continue the war on poor black and brown people."
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Thursday, June 17, 2010
Irony and Mitzvah: German Jews to Gaza
A group of German Jews planning to take a boat with humanitarian aid to break the Gaza blockade now says it's looking for a second boat because so many European Jews have asked to join them. Jewish Voices for a Just Peace, which includes the offspring of German Jews who fled the Holocaust, want to take children's food, clothes, medicine and school supplies as well as musical instruments, "food for the soul." "We just see that a Jewish state is occupying Palestine, laying a siege, and depriving children of the things that they need. We as Jews are saying, 'not in our name.'" - Kate Katzenstein-Leiterer, a leader of the flotilla effort.
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