All Further Articles for 2010-06-17

Thursday, June 17, 2010
More Squirrels, Less Mexicans Please
God bless Arizona! Their wise leaders have decided to spend $1.25 million to build bridges to protect 250 possibly rare red squirrels from getting hit by cars. The bridges will likely save five squirrels a year, at about $5,000 a head. Let's hope the survivors have their papers on them.
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A GOP Gum Wrapper
Leave it to a Texas Republican, one Rep. Joe Barton, to do the unimaginable: Apologize to BP for, umm, getting mad at them for trashing our country. The White House was so pissed they asked Congress to repudiate the apology. They should have asked Barton to come clean on how much money the oil industry's given him: $1.4 million and counting. Or they could have asked him to repeat his praise, at a 2004 hearing, of the marvels of offshore drilling. "One platform on the surface of the water can handle production from several different wells several miles apart, house a myriad of technologically advanced computer systems, employ scores of personnel, generate electricity, enable people to face and conquer the adversities of living in the middle of the ocean, all without so much as losing a gum wrapper over the side of the platform. It is truly amazing."
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If Americans Knew
With outrage at the Gaza flotilla attack still rippling out - and Israel's largely cosmetic but loudly proclaimed loosening of the blockade in response to it - it's more vital than ever that the realities of the Occupation and the Palestinian lives under it be known. If Americans Knew offers graphs, numbers, too-little known facts. U.S. military aid to Israel: $7 million a day, to Palestine: $0. Homes Demolished: Israeli: 0, Palestinian: 24,145. Particularly telling: the "deadly distortion" that is U.S. media coverage of the conflict.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
On Objective Vomiting
Can these creeps get any worse? With 27,000 workers trying to clean up B.P.'s mess, Louisiana state records show at least 74 have already gotten sick from toxins in the oil. B.P.'s records show two such cases. Should we be worried about B.P.'s credibility? Naah: Those sick workers were probably small people, anyway. "Some of these are objective (vomiting, for example), others are subjective (nausea, for example). There are large variations in how subjective symptoms are perceived and reported." - Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals.
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