On Objective Vomiting

On Objective Vomiting

Abby Zimet

Can these creeps get any worse? With 27,000 workers trying to clean
up B.P.'s mess, Louisiana state records show at least 74 workers have
already gotten sick from toxins in the oil. B.P.'s records
show two such cases. Should we be worried about B.P.'s credibility and
ability to keep people safe? Naah: Those sick workers were probably small people, anyway.

"Some of these are objective (vomiting, for example), others are
subjective (nausea, for example). There are large variations in how
subjective symptoms are perceived and
reported." - Louisiana's Department of Health and
Hospitals in its weekly report on oil spill exposure.

These entrepreneur types are fast! Our favorite: "I See Small People." 

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