Give Me (Trashy) Liberty

Give Me (Trashy) Liberty

Abby Zimet

Now that health care reform, such as it is, has passed, Tea Partiers
seem to be having trouble coming up with other galvanizing issues. To
wit: this weekend's protests by three Tea Party-ish factions in Georgia
over the latest Bolshevik plot to tyrannize We the People - mandatory trash
pick-up. Residents will be charged $17.86 a month to get their garbage
collected. Really: When you consider outrages being perpetrated
in our
nation today, what better target is there?

"This is tantamount to Obamacare," said Debbie Dooley, an organizer

of the protest. "It's socialized. It's the government forcing people to
purchase something and that's unconstitutional."

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