Opening the World's Eyes

Opening the World's Eyes

Abby Zimet

The Israeli attack in international waters on activists carrying
wheelchairs and water purifiers to the besieged people of Gaza - and its
murder of at least ten people - has accomplished one thing: publicizing the tragedy of Gaza as never
before. The drama continues: there have been protests worldwide, Egypt
has lifted its blockade and opened its border, and the Rachel Corrie and another ship are en route to
Gaza.  Read Glenn Greenwald on what Israel has become here, and on its censorship of the truth here. Live updates here and here.

"The fact is that Israel has used its blockade not only to prevent
Hamas from rearming, but also to impose collective punishment - as a
boot which it applied to the Palestinian throat. This pressure on the
jugular has the opposite of its intended effect. Defiance has only grown
in Gaza, and the Islamic resistance movement is reaping the benefits -
as any Fatah man will admit. In one operation Israel has destroyed
whatever hold it had
over the international community on Gaza." - from the Guardian.


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