The Hurt You Sent/ Had A Mind of Its Own

The Hurt You Sent/ Had A Mind of Its Own

Abby Zimet

The ripples from the Goldstone Report still drift out, ugly,
dismaying. Vandals attacked
the California home of Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the progressive
Tikkun magazine, after Lerner announced he would give Goldstone the
prestigious Tikkun Award - and the use of his home for the bar mitzvah
of Goldstone's grandson after right-wing Zionists threatened to protest
outside the synagogue in
South Africa where it was originally to be held. Because Judge Goldstone
called the Gaza invasion what it was, thugs trashed Lerner's home and accused him of supporting 
"Islamofascism." As a Jew, it must be said: These are not my people.
Lerner writes about forgiveness here.

"Forgiveness is not
an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude." - Martin Luther King,

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