Taking Our Government Back, But To Where?

Taking Our Government Back, But To Where?

Abby Zimet

Conundrum Dept: Tea Partier Rand Paul's win in Kentucky is getting
alot of ink, though it's still tough to decipher just what it means.
Possibilities include: a. It's a victory for common sense because it's a slap in
the face of Mitch McConnell, Dick Cheney and the GOP establishment; b. It's a victory
for insanity because Paul vows to abolish the Dept. of Education,
balance the budget in like 12 minutes, and "take our government back,"
one of those lofty elusive Tea Party lines that means, 'We're feeling
pissed and powerless but have no rational clue what to do about it'; c. It's proof that H.L Mencken was right, as we all knew he was, when he said, "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American
public"; or
d. It's time for Obama and the Democrats to abandon their cherished, counter-productive myth of
bi-partisanship, which entails reaching across the fabled aisle to attempt to reason and bargain with wackos and obstructionists, and forge ahead with some truly progressive change. More cogent
analysis here.

"I'm against the
establishment. They're all crooked, unreliable and selfish for power. We
need citizen representatives,
not political politicians." - Bill Osburn, 79-year-old military retiree,
on why he voted for Paul.

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