On Demon Fences, Ads and Politicos

Abby Zimet

How low can the suddenly-unmavericky McCain go? As laughably low as
his most recent ad, aimed at proving he's tough on
brown-skinned people by urging to "build the danged fence" he ridiculed a
few years ago. The ad, wherein he implicitly charges "illegals" with
home invasions, murder and anything else wrong with this fine land, was
crafted by the same wacko who made the hilarious demon sheep ad in
California mocked by Democrats, also here. Is this what you call sober
political discourse? 

"There are over 11 million people in this country
illegally. They harvest our crops, tend our gardens, work in our
restaurants, care for our children, clean our homes. They came as others
before them came, to grasp the lowest rung of the American ladder of
opportunity, to work the jobs others won't, and by virtue of their own
industry and desire, to rise and build better lives for their families
and a better America. That is our history, Mr. President. We are not a
tribe. We are not an ethnic conclave. We are a nation of immigrants, and
that distinction has been essential to our greatness." - McCain in


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