Keith's House! Keith's House!

Keith's House! Keith's House!

Abby Zimet

Ohio deputy sherriffs in riot gear took a battering ram to the
foreclosed home of longtime autoworker Keith Sadler and forcibly arrested him and six activists who had
barricaded themselves inside the house - and livestreamed video from it -
to protest the foreclosure. Sadler had tried various legal means after
the bank refused to modify the terms of his loan. Demonstrators from the
UAW, Toledo Foreclosure Defense League, Detroit Green Party and other
groups had camped out in support of a moratorium on foreclosures. More here and here.

"It's a heartbreaking picture - the amount of money that Keith
Sadler owed on his home is probably a
day's work for the head of J.P. Morgan. It's pocket change for a lot of
the people that have made out on others' misfortune." - Steve Fought, spokesman for U.S. Rep. Marcy
Kaptur (D., Toledo)

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