All Further Articles for 2010-05-10

Monday, May 10, 2010
So Much For the "Moderate" Myth
Maine's "moderate Republicans" - the whiny, wussy Ms. Snowe and Collins - will have to tinker with their bogus brand name now that the state's GOP has scrapped its party platform for a wacko wish-list formulated by Tea Party activists. Among other delights, it seeks to eliminate the Department of Education and Federal Reserve, declare that "health care is not a right" and "freedom of religion" is not "freedom from religion," abrogate the "Treaty on Rights of the Child" and all other UN treaties, seal the borders, and investigate "collusion between government and industry in the global warming myth." Oh dear. Maine too.
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Keith's House! Keith's House!
Ohio deputy sherriffs in riot gear took a battering ram to the foreclosed home of longtime autoworker Keith Sadler and arrested him and six activists who had barricaded themselves inside the house - and livestreamed video from it - to protest the foreclosure. Sadler had tried various legal means after the bank refused to modify the terms of his loan. Demonstrators from the UAW, Toledo Foreclosure Defense League and other groups had camped out in support of a moratorium on foreclosures. More here and here. "It's heartbreaking. The amount of money that Keith Sadler owed on his home is probably a day's work for the head of J.P. Morgan." - spokesman for U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo)
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Exhausted Noam Chomsky Just Going To Try And Enjoy The Day For Once
LEXINGTON, MA—Describing himself as "terribly exhausted," famed linguist and political dissident Noam Chomsky said Monday that he was taking a break from combating the hegemony of the American imperialist machine to try and take it easy for once.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010
Going Out of His Way to be Devilish
A gritty, poignant portrait of Harry Wieder - a gay, Jewish, disabled dwarf, consummate New Yorker, and tireless advocate for gay rights, health care, public housing and other lofty causes for which he was endlessly willing to run his mouth and occasionally whack listeners in the shin with his crutch. Weider, 57, was killed by a taxi while crossing the street after a meeting. "In spite of my very strong feeling to protect him, I could not hold back his good." - Charlotte Wieder, Harry's 86-year-old mother
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