Let's Face It: White People Are Never Terrorists

Let's Face It: White People Are Never Terrorists

Abby Zimet

An earlier Fanelli ad. He's the suspicious-looking character on the right.

Another idiot for racial profiling: Dan Fanelli, a GOP congressional
candidate in Florida who wants to run against Alan Grayson. The latest
of Fanelli's
has him presenting a white guy and a swarthy guy and asking
which one looks like a terrorist. Should we be more offended at the
blatant racism or that he ignores the facts? Intriguingly, the ad has
just been pulled. Is there such a thing as going too far for these guys? Unlikely.

"Does this look like a terrorist? Or this? Let's face it, if the
good-looking rich guy without much hair was flying airplanes into the
twin towers, I'd have no problem being pulled out of line at the

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