"He Was A Child"

"He Was A Child"

Abby Zimet

Spencer Ackerman is still at Guantanamo, where he offers more
heart-breaking, stomach-churning testimony from the Omar Khadr hearing, this
time from Army interrogator Damien Corsetti - aka The Monster - who grew
emotional remembering the abuse of the then-15-year-old at Bagram.
Canadian media likewise describe a crying Khadr chained to his cell. Horrifying. And, lest
we forget, done in our name.

"He was a 15-year old child
who had been blown up, shot and grenaded. He was in one of the worst
places on the earth. How could you not have compassion for that? He
was in the wrong place for a 15-year old child to be." - Damien 'The
Monster' Corsetti.

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