Hidden World of Girls

Hidden World of Girls

Abby Zimet

A cool new series from documentary radio producers The Kitchen Sisters on the secret lives of
girls, and the women they become. Stories range from Jamaican women who
take chicken pills to get broader hips and butts to Mali nomads who
perform traditional music and celebrate their freedom: "They say the
more times you divorce, the more beautiful you are. The divorce party is
bigger than the wedding." Today on NPR's Morning Edition: The gypsies
or "travellers" of Ireland, where girls marry young and school is "a
come and go thing." Here.

"My mother and father had 17 children - myself, I
left school when I was 11. But
then I started a trainer course...Now I can
read and write what I never learned in school. I learned it by myself.
Travellers are speaking up for themselves and being heard." - Helen
Connors, 21, married with two kids.

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