Warriors Fighting for Honor, Justice, Good Ad Revenues

Warriors Fighting for Honor, Justice, Good Ad Revenues

Abby Zimet

With the military campaign in Afghanistan not going so well - all
those dead civilians - the U.S. is taking another, classically American
tack - marketing. A new advertising campaign, headed by a task force
"information and psychological operations" officer who used to work for
Proctor & Gamble, features billboard, print and TV ads with three
themes - iconic warriors, responsible governance, and cute babies who
Afghans will hopefully raise to be something besides suicide bombers. We
wonder: Why are the ads in English? And why would anyone think Madison
Ave. and its admittedly impressive powers of persusasion can accomplish
what years of war and invasion and oppression couldn't?

"It creates an emotional and iconic imagery that's easy to understand,
in almost a movie poster format," said Cyrus Oshidar, creative lead
for the campaign. "The warrior concept was researched and found
appealing to young Afghan males."

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