Obama's Gitmo: Trying To Have It Both Ways

Obama's Gitmo: Trying To Have It Both Ways

Abby Zimet

This week's pre-trial hearing at Guantanamo Bay for Omar Khadr, a
Canadian citizen captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and held and tortured
ever since, is a big deal. It will offfer the first glimpse of Obama's
new, vaguely-defined military commissions - which he long claimed he
would abolish - and the extent to which they still condone torture. The Washington
's Spencer Ackerman will report
from Gitmo all week. Stay tuned.

 "Hopefully, at some point they'll grow a pair and make a choice,
but this double standard where we'll give a detainee as much justice
as we can and still ensure we get a conviction shows how hypocritical
we are when it comes to the rule of law. We talk the talk, but we don't
walk the walk." - Air Force Col. Morris
Davis, a former prosecutor for military commissions, on Obama's
holding onto them as an option.

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