All Further Articles for 2010-04-22

Thursday, April 22, 2010
A Green Victory
An intriguing story out of the U.K., where an executive who sued a big property firm after he said he got sacked for his green views won a landmark legal battle - and generous settlement - when a judge ruled that his convictions on climate change deserve the same workplace protection as religious beliefs. Tim Nicholson, 42, accused other executives of failing to cut carbon emissions and driving "the most polluting cars on the road."
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Land Deals, Private Jets and the Appalachian Trail
CREW has published its Worst Governors' report detailing the unethical or incompetent deeds of 11 governors. All but two - New York's David Paterson and New Mexico's Bill Richardson - are Republicans. Number of miles Gov. Perdue flew in a lobbyist's private jet to attend a NASCAR race: 30 Cost of the plane ride: $2,400 Maximum acceptable value of a lobbyist gift to officials: $25
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It's A Fear Thing
Despite the deaths of 29 miners and a slew of bad press, Massey Energy bosses are still conducting harsh business as usual - denying time off to miners to attend friends' funerals, rejecting memorials, dismissing criticism of its "safety" record - with the threat of job loss in an economy they essentially run. These thugs deserve to work in one of their own mines. "When we were all union, if there was something that came up, it wasn't no problem at all to shut that mine down until everything was fixed. Non-union [workers], they ain't got that right."
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