A Good Crack: One of Those Core Values

A Good Crack: One of Those Core Values

Abby Zimet

Reason #762 Not to Live in Texas: The kids in Temple are way
well-behaved these days since the city brought back paddling
- after parents, many of whom paddle at home, demanded it
and the school board happily complied. Corporal punishment is still
legal in 20, mostly southern states, but the House is looking at a ban -
particularly in light of a study showing that students with
disabilities are disproportionately punished. Still, Texas is having
none of it. God love 'em, 'cause we don't. 

"We're rural central Texas. We're very well educated, but still there
are those core values. Churches are full on Sundays," said John Hancock,
assistant superintendent of administration for the
Temple schools and an educator for 40 years.
"This is a tool we'd like in the toolbox for responding to discipline

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