Another Commie Plot

Another Commie Plot

Abby Zimet

Uh oh. A federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled the National Day of
Prayer is
unconstitutional, saying it amounts to a call
for religious action and thus infringes on the separation of church and
state. Judge Barbara Crabb, ruling in a suit brought by the Freedom
From Religion Foundation, said "the government has taken sides on a
that must be left to individual conscience." Teabaggers and other
zealously prayerful types are not pleased.
From prayer headquarters in Colorado Springs:

"Long term, this type of opinion, if not corrected on appeal, will
continue the erosion of our religious heritage and freedom.  It allows a
handful of disgruntled people to use the courts to restrict the genuine
constitutional rights enjoyed by the majority of Americans merely
because those few people claim to be 'offended.'"

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