All Further Articles for 2010-04-15

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Fighting the Good Fight
Benjamin Hooks, a champion of the dispossessed who led and bolstered the ranks of the NAACP after the peak of the civil rights movement, has died at 85. Hooks was also a preacher, lawyer, judge, businessman and fine orator. "If anyone thinks that we are going to stop agitating, they had better think again. If anyone thinks that we are going to stop litigating, they had better close the courts. If anyone thinks that we are not going to demonstrate and protest, they had better roll up the sidewalks."
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Biryonim – Hooligans – Win
Justice Richard Goldstone - child of South African Jews, opponent of apartheid, human rights advocate, author of the UN report Operation Cast Lead on Israeli war crimes in Gaza, and grandfather - has been disinvited from his own grandson's bar mitzvah after protests by South African Zionists. Shame. "What have these people come to? Do they know what it means to be a Jew? Of course they don't have a religion in that sense because their real religion is Israel." - Richard Silverstein
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Never Let Facts Get In the Way of A Good Rant
Reality Check Dept: With Tea Party tax protests gearing up all across this fair if determinedly irrational land, a couple of relevant points. A majority of tea partiers view their taxes as fair, a CBS poll reports, and roughly 98 percent of Americans have seen their taxes go down this year under Obama's policies. Go here to see the figures in your state. We don't know where you should go to figure out what these guys are protesting about.
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